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We believe in the life-changing power of higher education

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) help students confidently pursue a college education, while empowering them to choose courses of study that lead to meaningful careers and lives after graduation.


We are dedicated to increasing access to the life-changing power of higher education.


We empower students to attend and graduate from their college or university of choice.


We help students pursue their dreams and highest ambitions.

What are LRAPs?

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) provide a safety net that helps students (and families) confidently invest in their future through higher education. If students graduate to a modest income, LRAPs typically help repay their student loans and loans borrowed by their parents.

LRAPs are offered across a diverse spectrum of colleges and universities, to support access and affordability initiatives, while helping create a financially-empowered and mission-driven alumni base. If you would like to know if a college or university of interest provides such a program, you may contact their admissions and financial aid departments to see if they have an LRAP to support you in pursuing your dreams.

How LRAPs Help Students & Families

LRAPs put students on the path to success.

No matter how students imagine their careers, LRAP is there as a safety-net. While traditional financial aid assists students while they are in school, LRAP follows the student into the world after graduation, helping them adjust and become financially secure and stable during the transition. LRAP also helps students and families by enhancing affordability and access to higher education and empowering students to live with purpose.